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My professional fee for 1-to-1 coaching is £60 per 1hr session.  Discounts are available for blocks of 4 or more sessions.

Group facilitation and team coaching prices vary depending upon what is required. let's talk about your needs and agree a price based upon that.


I am passionate about creating greater opportunities to access affordable coaching.  As such, I work within an ETHICAL PRICING policy framework.  

By this, I mean that if you would like me to coach you, and if I think I can help you, but if you can't afford my professional fees, then I will try to find a way to offer you a reduced price or pro-bono (free) coaching sessions.

Working in this way, feels true to my values and beliefs.

This pricing framework relies on trust, and is only possible when my clients are open and honest (with themselves and me) about their financial position and ability to pay.

If you are able to pay, as much or as little as you can of my standard fee, then please do so as this will mean I can offer pro-bono coaching sessions to those who really can't afford to pay.

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