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Rewild is an in-person and/or online, three month small-group-coaching programme

for women.

An invitation to...

 Find the courage to embody the truth of who we are.

Let go of who we have been taught to believe we need to be if we are to be accepted and celebrated.

Look beneath the labels we carry and the roles that we play.

Practise the art of self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-trust.



No more than 6 people in a group.


£600 per person - payment plans, and

reduced cost options available.

Spring Edition begins

1st March 2024.



Three 1-to-1 coaching sessions.

Bi-weekly gatherings in person and/or online.

Weekly audio recordings and reflective exploration prompts.

An opportunity to experience the magic of being seen and heard within a non-judgemental community.

A group space for conversation and connection.

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Kind words about Rewild...
(formerly known as 'Unbecoming')

"I've found this programme a deeply powerful process to go through, so liberating and safe.  I couldn't recommend it enough, it has been profound".

Caroline Walker, Psychiatrist, Coach, and Founder of The Joyful Doctor

"Julie provided a space and style of coaching which absolutely provided me with the prompts to uncover so much about myself.  Julie is gentle, kind, caring and passionate and it has been a pleasure to be in this safe space. ".

Fi Hennessy, Pregnancy Massage Specialist 
"I've never done group coaching before and found great insight, strength and solidarity from the others in the group.  Rewild has helped me see myself in a new way and enabled me to let go of some of the beliefs which have not been serving me".

Kate Rawlings
"Julie is wonderful, she has guided and supported us to co-create an amazing group.  I have felt some real shifts and am so glad I joined".

Katya Miles (2019), GP, Trainer & Coach
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Ju walking away from swing.jpg


Overwhelmed and

so tired from the

never ending 

thoughts spiralling 

through her mind.


She wanted to run

away from the 

suffocating life

she found herself

barely living.

An existence that

she had appeared

to choose, but that

threatened to

swallow her whole.

Her mind raced,

her body ached,

no longer could

she see what she

wanted life to be.

She stepped away

from the never-ending 

list of what she

thought she needed 

to make happen.


She let



A beautifully still

and sweet scented

s p a c i o u s n e s s

opened up

within her.

Now she could

see more


She wrapped her 

arms around

herself. Acceptance

and forgiveness flooded

through her.

She had

returned home

to herself.

Reaching into the

shadows of the

dusty corners of

the very core

of her being.

She gently let

go of all that

no longer

appeared to be 

true for her.

She released the

weight of expectation.

She relinquished

the illusion

of control.

She unbecame all

that had kept her 

from herself.  She

let go of

her fear.

She saw that

she did not

need to hold on

so tightly to

be safe.

This one precious

human life in 

this body that 

was different from

all others.

This life, was

hers alone.  No-one

else could live

her life, 

for her.

She lifted herself 

towards the light.

Arms outstretched

and head

held high.

Reclaiming the

parts of herself

that she had

not known

were there.

Rooted deeply

Within herself.

She rose up.

and began


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