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"Julie really helped me at a time when I was feeling really overwhelmed…helping me to see how I could calm my thoughts and create a more balanced life.  Thank you, for your gentle support and  encouragement.  You helped me so much

when I really needed it”.


Danielle, Sheffield

"I feel nourished and supported....each session felt like a wonderful pause. Thank you Julie for  helping me to understand myself and motivations so much better. I feel more content, at peace somehow, happier with my life, and excited for the future".

Suzy, Sussex.

"With your support I have made a huge career change which has brought me so much joy already!  It's not easy to set out on my own but I know I can do it.  I feel as if I have found my true calling. Thank you so much for helping me see things more clearly and to find my 'brave' ".

Belinda, Edinburgh


Time and space for you to slow down, connect to your needs and wants, and explore how to create the life you want

Inviting you to feel the freedom that comes from exploring your hopes and fears in confidential transformative conversations.  


Helping you to embrace life on your terms, working in your way, and simply being your brilliant self in all aspects of your life.

1 to 1 coaching can take place online,

indoors, or outdoors where you can join me for a Grounding Walk.


My coaching practice is privilege-informed and trauma-informed, evidence based, and research led.  I am heavily influenced by Gestalt and Existential coaching approaches, and my work is guided and shaped by the

European Mentoring and Coaching Council's (EMCC) Code of Ethics 


My postgraduate coaching & mentoring training at Sheffield Hallam University is accredited at

Senior Practitioner level by the EMCC.

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